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Love Is Love Is Love


Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, and we often think of it as celebrating romantic love in particular. But love comes in many forms, and can go in many directions. It can be difficult, joyful, painful, overwhelming, profound. Often, it walks hand in hand with loss.

The writers behind these posts show us different facets of love, all beautiful, all different, and a thing to celebrate — even if you think Valentine’s Day is a conspiracy by the Hallmark card company.

Looking past all of the hardships of motherhood, it is also the most fulfilling, the most rewarding and the most loved I have ever been in this life. Each morning, my daughter wakes up… she doesn’t cry, she just lays there and I can feel her. I feel her breathing change. I feel as she starts to reach around for me in the dark and silence. Sometimes I…

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